At Georgica Services, we have certifications and experience in servicing BMW cars, BMW Minis, and BMW Motorsport cars..  

We love BMWs, we drive BMWs.  We know which ones are susceptible to certain problems like rod bearing failure (E90/E60 Models anyone?)  We know to check for this failure by opening up the oil filter during service and checking for metal shavings.  We also check the timing chain forwear and tear. We know about first series 2002 car brake problems, we love it when we get in a 635CSI, one of the best driving cars of the 80s.  Let us fall in love with your BMW too!

What we can do for you:

  • General servicing and repairs  (oil services, full fluid exchanges, tires, brakes, oil leaks..etc)
  • Maker specific repairs (K-services, timed maintenance)
  • Module Programming (electrical diagnostics)
  • Convertible Top Failures
  • Repair individual model issues 
    • E90/E60: Motor Sport Rod Bearing Failure
    • E46 Vanos: High Pressure Failure