2005 Morgan Roadster V6

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The Morgan Roadster was introduced in 2004 by the Morgan Motor Company and replaced the Morgan Plus 8.  The Roadster is identical to the Plus 8, however is mechanically modern due to a new Ford V6.  The newer Ford V6 developed similar power to the Plus 8, however less torque.  Due to the lighter weight of the Roadster, even though it was down on power, performance was increased.  The chassis consists of a “ladder” frame design and is built from galvanized steel.  The body is built of steel and aluminum around an ash frame.  The suspension is the traditional Morgan “slider-type” in the front, with a solid axle and lead springs in the rear.

In typical Morgan fashion, the interior of the Roadster is full of Smith Instruments, Moto-Lita Steering Wheel, rock hard seats, and floor-hinged pedals.  Combine all of these aspects of the Morgan Roadster and Morgan’s purpose is clear, a new engine in the same car.

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2005 Morgan Roadster


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