Jim Shelly, Proprietor


Jim Shelly founded the company in 1990 at the Getty Station on Montauk Highway. “Over the last 27 years I’ve been fortunate to work with a wonderful bunch of customers, cars and employees. We’ve always tried to do an honest job and charge an honest price for that work.  Since I have active customers who started with me in my first year in business and men who have worked for me for 20+ years, we must be doing something right.”

Donovan Solis, EH Service Manager

Donovan Solis 2

Donovan complains that he has never had a job interview.  He started as a weekend gas attendant when he was 14 and is now the Service Manager.  He wants to run the company when Jim retires.  He has multiple certifications in auto repair and keeps the shop up to speed technically.

Paul Trela,    Mechanic


Paul started working for Georgica Services in 1995 shortly after coming to this country from his native Poland.  He began as a gas attendant, became the Station Sunday manager, and later started doing mechanical work. Paul handles everything from service to electrical work but he is an especially good interior restoration man.

Consigliore “Clem” Senior Advisor


Clem worked for Georgica Services for 15 years as our senior mechanic.  Before that he had worked as a mechanic and owned his own shop for over 20 years.  After an injury made doing physical work impossible, he has continued to come in a few days a week to help out with “old school” cars and esoteric problems, find parts, do research and keep things running smoothly.   Call him if you want to discuss consigning a car.

Mike Midgett, Mechanic

Michael Midget 2

Every East Hampton Shop has to have a Bonacker on staff.  Mike has worked in East Hampton auto repair all his life.  He came to work at Georgica Services in 2006.  While we cannot make him the HR department, he can do anything your car needs.


Felipe Rivas,    Mechanic


Felipe joined our crew late Summer 2018.  He’s the “new guy” on staff & has his love & knowledge of cars.

June Arceri


June has finally returned back to us at Georgica Services!   As our Office Manager and Service Advisor she keeps our daily schedule, manages the workflow, keeps the parts flowing and our customers happy.  She’s the happy voice you hear when we pick up & we are happy she’s back.