Donovan Solis, Owner


Donovan is our new owner!  He has multiple certifications in auto repair.  He started with Georgica Services as a weekend gas attendant when he was 14, went to school and became a service mechanic, continued to go to school to be a Master Tech & then became our Service Manager, and has now purchased the shop!!!! Congratulations!  


Whithek De La Cruz,    Mechanic

Whithek joined Georgica Services in the Spring of 2020.  He started working on cars in his native Guatemala and continued when he moved to the states.   He is our chief diagnostic tech and we are very glad he has joined us. 

Jim Shelly, Advisor


Jim founded the company in June of 1990 at the Getty Station in East Hampton. “Over the last 30 years I’ve been fortunate to work with a wonderful bunch of customers, cars and employees. We’ve always tried to do an honest job and charge an honest price for the work.  Since I have active customers who started with me in my first year in business and men who have worked for me for 25+ years, we may be actually doing something right.”

Consigliore “Clem” Senior Advisor

Clem worked for Georgica Services for 15 years as our senior mechanic.  Before that, he both worked as a mechanic and later owned his own shop for 20 years.  After an injury made physical work impossible, he has continued to come in a few days a week to help out with “old school” cars and esoteric problems, find parts, do research, and keep things running smoothly.   Call him if you want to discuss consigning a car or winter storage.

John Klett

John is our new Office Manager.  He joined us last summer and has taken on scheduling, parts ordering, RO writing and the like.  Say hello the next time you ring up.  He is at extension 100.  

Mike Midgett, Mechanic

Michael Midget 2

Mike has worked in East Hampton auto repair all his life and came to work at Georgica Services in 2006.  He does most of our heavier work.  If your engine has to come out, Mike generally gets the job.  

Felipe Rivas,    Mechanic

Felipe joined our crew late summer 2018, and he tells me that every day he learns something new.  (I’m 30 years into this business and I always say “it’s a poor day when you don’t learn something new”.) 


June Arceri


June has returned to civilian life.  It’s those kids again!  Now she is homeschooling Sawyer and Tucker.  However such is her dedication to Georgica Services she comes in one day a week to keep us honest.