Isetta goes to Kennedy Airport! (5/10/2019)

We delivered a BMW Isetta to the new TWA hotel at Kennedy Airport today.  


Service is key (3/29/2019)

I recently had a car problem here in Naples Florida and it set me to thinking about service.  The Mercedes threw a TPMS light at the end of our block.  A quick inspection revealed a drywall screw in the tread of the tire.  No big deal I thought, I’ll just stop in to any of a few places on my route and get it fixed.  That didn’t go so well.  Tire Choice asked if I had an appointment.  I replied no, I had a tire going flat.  They took pity on me and told me if I left the car for the rest of the day they would fix the problem.  (This is at 11:30am.)  Sam’s Club, where I was headed, said I’d have to wait a few hours but they would definitely repair it for me.  Tires Plus offered me an appointment the next day at noon saying they were busy and that was the best they could do. And so it went until Tuffy Auto repair told me to come on down.  I was there for half an hour while they fixed my tire.  That was what I expected from everyone, and I was surprised at how difficult it was to have a small problem corrected.  I was about to go to the parts store and buy a tire plug kit but not everyone has that option…

We operated gas stations for many years and are used to people dropping in with all sorts of problems.  We believe we ought to do something to help them.  I’ve spoken to friends and customers about this and they all told me my experience was pretty normal.

BUT that was one of the things they valued about their relationship with Georgica Services.  We do go out of our way to help people, and it is appreciated.  I am very proud of this company and how Donovan and June are keeping that service tradition alive! 


Winter is coming!! (12/1/2017)

Winter is coming, is your car ready?

Modern cars are not affected by changes in temperature.  If you are planning on driving your classic during the cold months, we should talk.

But, modern cars have to be looked after too.  First with snow on the way, check your tires.  They are the most obvious problem when the roads get wet and slippery.  You either have to mount snow tires or good all-weather tires.  The tread should be at 50% or more.  Check your tire pressures.  Your shop should test your antifreeze and make sure it is up to snuff.  Also most manufacturers recommend changing antifreeze every three years.  Washer fluid comes in winter and summer formulations.  Make sure the washer fluid will not freeze.  Have the belts and hoses looked at to make sure they are ready for the cold weather season. If your car is going to sit a lot over the winter, you should add stabilizer to your gas tank to prevent the fuel from deteriorating and fill the tank.  In case you get stuck in the snow, an emergency kit in the trunk is a big help.  Make sure you have water and snack bars, emergency flares, a raincoat, a shovel, an ice scraper and a flashlight with extra batteries in the trunk.  If anything bad happens you will be prepared.   Next time, what to do if you are going to leave your car sitting over the winter months.

2005 Morgan Roadster V6 (1/20/2017)

The Morgan Roadster was introduced in 2004 by the Morgan Motor Company and replaced the Morgan Plus 8.  The Roadster is identical to the Plus 8, however is mechanically modern due to a new Ford V6.  The newer Ford V6 developed similar power to the Plus 8, however less torque.  Due to the lighter weight of the Roadster, even though it was down on power, performance was increased.  The chassis consists of a “ladder” frame design and is built from galvanized steel.  The body is built of steel and aluminum around an ash frame.  The suspension is the traditional Morgan “slider-type” in the front, with a solid axle and lead springs in the rear.

In typical Morgan fashion, the interior of the Roadster is full of Smith Instruments, Moto-Lita Steering Wheel, rock hard seats, and floor-hinged pedals.  Combine all of these aspects of the Morgan Roadster and Morgan’s purpose is clear, a new engine in the same car.

20170119_145431      20170119_145500

2005 Morgan Roadster


CAR OF THE WEEK (7/22/2016)


The 1937 Ford featured a more rounded look with fine horizontal bars in the convex front and hood-side grilles. The front grille was V-shaped, rather than following the fenders into a pentagon shape, as on the 1936 model.