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Dear Friends and Customers, 


We’d like to tell you what precautions we are taking at Georgica Services to keep our staff and customers safe during the national emergency.   


  • We are sanitizing the facilities and equipment at Georgica Services twice a day, 
  • Even though we largely spend the day at our own workstations, we are making it a point to only use our own phone and computers, so you might have to wait for us a few moments when you call in.  
  • We have put extra precautions into place and are disinfecting all vehicles as they come into the shop.  
  • We are using disposable gloves, steering wheel covers and seat covers in all vehicles.  
  • Our staff has discussed and is practicing social distancing to limit our exposure to potential illness.  We’d ask any of you to do the same when you drop off and pick up your car.  
  • If you prefer, you can schedule having your vehicle picked up from your home or workplace by one of our team members.  We will return your vehicle back off to you when the work is finished.

Please feel free to call or message us if you have any questions or need our help.  Georgica Services wants you to know that we are doing what it takes to keep our customers and our team members safe. We are all in this together.